Software for Introduction to Android Development

For those doing the Introduction to Android app development There a few
pieces of software to install in advance.

Note some of these are quite large so if you dont do before Thursday its
unlikely you will be able to download on the night. If not dont worry –
most of what we do will be me demoing anyway for Thursday.

1. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Distributable

Download and install

2. Oracle Java JDK

Download and install the JDK

3. Android Studio (Preview)

Download and install (this is very big – 500Mb)

With the Android Studio we will be able to launch a demo application from
source code in an emulator on your computer. We will also compile and put
on a real phone to show you how it works.

As Android Programming requires fairly advanced Java knowledge we will not
focus too much on the code but rather intrdouce you to the whole
environment of programming and testing and compiling.