Christmas Holidays


Hi Guys

Its coming  up to Christmas time soon and  the end of our first term.

We finish December 10th 7-9pm

A big thanks to James Jill Willie Des,Declan and Jerome for all their work with the group for the first term

and also a big thanks to the behind the scenes Moms and Dads who help run our club

We will start back January 7th 2016

Hope everyone has a great holiday


Lesley and all the mentors at Coderdojo Milltown


Midterm break October 23rd 2015

Well guys

its that time of year Mid term starts next week so there will be no Coderdojo Club

till thursday 5th November

Gill and Willie are working away on mindcraft with the 5th and 6th classes

and Mods for Minecraft seems very popular with this group

Declan and Jerome are working with 4th class and are doing Scratch

they are allowing the children to experiment with Scratch and try working it out for themselves

Which they seem to be enjoying

James  is working with the 6th class for second hour of the club on a project on Concussion and has applied to the BT Young Scientist competition and hopefully our club might get a slot to exhibit their  work


So Happy Halloween from all the mentors at Coderdojo  Milltown