Coderdojo Milltown Term 1 Wk3

Hi Guys


Great turn out tonight from Coderdojo Milltown

Welcome to our new Ninjas !

Declan and Jerome are starting scratch 2 and the guys seem to be enjoying it

All children have been given an email address which is there full name

Password is as called out at the session last Thursday


Welcome to 5th and 6th class on returning to our club

Our older group are starting to work on an exciting project called Mods to Minecraft

Jill and James are co ordinating this project.

We have still to set our projects up for second part of the night .

Remember to book your free ticket to our club you need to go onto our web page

scroll down to Eventbrite

Press Register

It will ask for a password – please ask one of your friends what this password is for Evenbrite if you arent sure

press arrow

then it will ask your name

checkout and you are booked in for next weeks class

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