Only 12 days left to First Milltown CoderDojo!

We have only a short while to go to the start of CoderDojo Milltown on 28th November. We still have a handful of places left for Milltown 6th Class pupils so please get your registration form back and book in via the EvenBrite link to the right as soon as you can.

To clarify a couple of questions that have been raised

– We will not be wiping/erasing laptops that the kids bring to CoderDojo. This comment in the note distributed in class was meant an offer for people who have old unused laptops that the would like refreshed for their child to use in CoderDojo. But if the family has a working laptop then feel free to give to your child to bring along.

– The fee mentioned in the note distributed is for purchase of a laptop for you and your child to own and keep. This is a very good offer and these laptops are supplied by a company that specialises in second hand laptops aimed at educational needs.


Paul Walsh

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